Channeling Blair

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Dress: Old Navy, Jacket: Forever 21, Shoes: DSW , Purse: Kate Spade, Necklace: JewelMint

Guys, my whole life has been turned totally upside down. I am MADLY ADDICTED to Gossip Girl right now. I know I am a few years too late, but I have never been one to watch too much TV. I always knew that GG was a show known for its fashion but school and my social life always kept me busy. But now, thanks to Netflix, I spend all my free time watching it and I must say that I am so inspired by Blair Waldorf’s style. She is the epitome of class, sophistication and elegance (minus her scheming). Call this a phase, but I plan on channeling my inner Blair a little more through my wardrobe. By layering this tweed blazer over a delicate white dress paired with a snake embossed heel I feel like I am getting there!

PS. Chuck Bass is my life right now… sigh…


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