4th of July Nail Tutorial


For this years 4th of July nail tutorial I went for slightly different approach than last year. I was inspired by the nautical theme that this holiday has to offer, such as the red, white and blue color palette and stripe pattern. And of course, the 4th would not be complete without a little sparkle!

1. I used the following nail polishes: red-Lancome, blue-Kate Spade “Night On The Town”, white and top coat-Wet  n Wild, gold- Gap “Champagne Wishes.”  You will also need painters tape, scissors, a thin paint brush and a piece of paper.

2. Paint all your nails red, except for the ring finger which will be blue.

3. Cut a small piece of painters tape and use the straightest edge to create a diagonal line across the nail.

4. Paint the other half of the nail white and slowly remove the painters tape.

5. Dab a small amount of gold nail polish on a piece of paper and use the paintbrush to lightly trace a line where the blue and white meet.

And then you’re done! It’s super easy and you have a unique 4th of July nail design!

Take a picture of your mani using this tutorial and #adryonthedaily on Instagram or Twitter and I will display some of my favorites! 

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