Hello 2013


2012 was a very significant year for me. I experienced a lot of new things, professionally and personally. It was definitely year of changes and new beginnings and I plan to embrace them in 2013.  I refer to this blog as my lifestyle journey because at my age everything is a journey. There is still so much I have to learn about my self and the world around me. I not only want to share with you my daily outfits, recipes and crafts but also the things that are shaping the person I am. I have no idea what those things are yet, but I am excited for what the future holds and I am thankful that I have friends and family who are there to support me every step of the way. I apologize for being absent the past few weeks, but like I said there were a lot of changes going in my life that needed my full attention. Thank you for your patience and I wish all of you a blessed new year!

Here are a few New Years Resolutions/Goals:

1. Start yoga again

2. Exercise!!!

3. Find time to do things that I love (sew, bake, read)

4. Follow through with my vision for this blog

5. Find an internship this summer in relation to fashion

6. Learn to be a better manager

7. Cut down my daily sugar intake

8. Learn Spanish and the rosary in Spanish

9. Get straight A’s

10.  Oh and meet Channing Tatum and not faint when I do

One thought on “Hello 2013

  1. Adry, you are such a delight It is such a gift to witness the woman you are becoming this blog says so much of you, as you mention, not only wanting to share the daily outfits, recipes and crafts but more importantly the things that are shaping the woman you are becoming. Adry know that you are well on way in your journey and also know that there are individuals that live a whole life without ever understanding what you just shared about realizing what is defining you!!! Love you very much and can’t wait for the all the gifts that will be unveiled through your journey in life ❤ Auntie Elsa

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