Holiday Wish List

1. Kate Spade Watch– I have been wanting a gold watch for a while and this one from Kate Spade is absolutely perfect!

2. Vince Camuto Boots– I have been looking for short black boots that don’t have too many buckles or laces. This pair is the perfect height and style, and it has a gold accents.

3. Target Pajamas– I have a small obsession with pajamas and this one from Target reminds me of the gold polka-dots from the Kate Spade collection. This is a must!

4. Bath and Body Works Candles: Every holiday season I stalk up on candles from Bath and Body Works because they have a lot of good deals and coupons. Their candles are strong and smell amazing!

5. ASOS Sweater: Sweater, Elbow Patch, Hearts. Enough said.

6. AE Outfitters Denim Jacket: My mom and I have been searching for a denim jacket to add to our wardrobe and this one is the perfect length and shade.


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