DIY: Sparkle Branches

As I was taking my dog for a walk the other day, I gathered some branches and decided to do a fun and simple craft. Sparkle branches are pretty common during the holidays and can be purchased in stores, but here is a way to do it yourself with as many branches as you like in any color.

1. Materials I used

2. Try to pick branches that are similar in width and length but don’t worry about the color since it will be covered.

3. As soon as I spray painted the entire branch I added glitter so it would adhere while it was still wet.

4. Wait about half an hour till they are completely dry and put them in a long vase for display. This table in my house has a glitter and whimsical decor for Halloween, so I thought the glittery branches would be a nice addition.

I hope to gather more branches when I go on walks in order to create a look like this. This is an easy craft that requires little materials and you can customize the color and sparkle to suit your style.

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