Tank Top: Boutique from Soho, NY Pants: Forever 21, Shoes: Franco Sarto via TJMaxx, Clutch: Kate Spade, Heart Bracelet: Things Remembered, Sunnies: Juicy Couture, Watch: Nordstrom BP.  (old)

When I say that I love personalized items, I mean I will cherish forever, you’re my best friend, big hug, LOVE personalized items. You see, my name is name is spelled quite differently. And after years of disappointment when looking for my name on key chains at Disneyland, I realized that I would have to get certain things personalized. Therefore, you can imagine my excitement when my mom bought me this heart bracelet from Things Remembered. BUT, I was even more excited when my mom bought me this special Kate Spade clutch. (Thank you Madre!!)  Not only have I been literally fantasizing about clutches lately, but it’s a special collaboration with French blogger and photographer Garance Dore. So in a way I felt like this was also very personalized because it’s an exclusive edition and I just like to think that Kate Spade made this personally for me (don’t laugh). And for the record, my new goal is to work at Kate Spade. Definitely my dream job!

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