A Hair and Nails Weekend


Finally! My hair is straight again. Now I can look forward to stress free mornings and good hair days for the rest of the year. Although this particular process is supposed to last 6 months, it lasted me a whole year last time. Totally worth it! As you can see I sort of chickened out and didn’t do any crazy styling to my hair. Cutting off a few inches was already wild enough. So I kept it very simple and I think it’s a nice transition.

ps. These pictures were taken for my CollegeFashionista bio, which will be up next week. I will continue to be a Style Guru for the fall semester 🙂






Over the weekend I wanted to try a fun nail design. After scrolling in my Pinterest board, I decided to try this two color, gradient nail effect. I went with my two favorite nail polish colors. I was more than pleased with the result and look forward to doing this with more nail color combinations. So here is a little step by step that I hope will be  bit useful.

1. (Picture not shown, but very important!) Paint your nails two coats of white and let dry completely. It is important to paint your nails white or else the colors will not show on unpolished nails. Also, let your nails dry for several hours. I’m talking, I can wash the dishes  and my nails won’t mess up dry. If your nails are slightly sticky or wet then it will pull when you rub the sponge and it will just delay the process.

2. Try testing out different nail colors on a piece of paper and see which colors you want to group together. Try to pick one darker and one lighter shade.

3. Lightly paint a stripe of each nail color on the sponge (picture above). Lightly apply the darker color and add more nail polish of the lighter color so they blend in more smoothly.

4. Next dab the sponge directly on the nail. I put the darker shade at the bottom. Keep dabbing until the whole nail is covered with nail polish. Don’t worry if it looks spongy. DAB do not wipe!

5. Next I would apply the top coat immediately after each nail. This is so the sponge bumps disappear. I applied the top coat after each hand was done and it still worked okay, but next time I will apply after each nail.

6. You will have excess nail polish around your nails. Let them dry completely before cleaning with a Q-tip. If you start to clean around the nail right away, the acetone could leak onto the nail and start to rub off.

And there you have a fun and easy nail design!

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