Friday Favorites

Here is what I am loving this week

My latest CollegeFashionista Interview! Check it out here

The most heavenly scent comes from this pretty pink bottle. I don’t think I can ever go back to regular shampoo again.

Say goodbye to my hair because tomorrow I am finally getting it re-straightened. The last time I had my hair straightened was my senior year. As you can see from my little diagram above, the ends of my hair are still straight from 2 years ago! And the rest of my hair is curly and poofy and frizzy. Girls have told me that they would kill for my hair because it has so much volume, but in all honestly, I get it straightened because it takes WAY too much time to do in the morning. After tomorrow I can just shower and let it air dry and it is perfectly straight. C’mon, does that not sound like a miracle?

2 (I could not find the links to 1 and 3 on pinterest. sorry! )

I might as well get it styled while I am at the salon. I have a hard time making changes to my hair, simply because my hair can make or break my day. I thought these styles were cute and different enough to make me feel like I got a makeover.


My latest obsession is wire jewelry. Here is a great tutorial on how to do this at home. I think I might try this for a weekend project and make tones of rings and rings!

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