A Date Night Confession

Shirt: Last Kiss, Jeans: Target, Scarf: SUO Boutique, Shoes: Franco Sarto via TJMaxx, Watch: Nordstrom, Purse: H&M, Cuff: TJMaxx (borrowed from my mom)

Although my boyfriend and I have been together for a while, our date routine never gets old. Dinner and a movie. Okay, it’s not very original, but it really is the best date night combination. Over the weekend we went to my favorite cafe that has the best pear endive salad. Then we went to go watch the Dark Knight Rises, again. (My boyfriend is a huge batman fan). But here’s a little secret, I tend to sneak in treats into the theater. And I’m not talking about a bag of M&Ms. Nope, I’m talking frozen yogurt, Starbucks, and cupcakes! Yes, you heard right. I’m one of those people. I’m glad I finally got that out in the open. As for my outfit, I wore these red pants, also seen here. I am still easing my way into wearing such a bold color, that I paired it with a simple white blouse. I thew on a fun over sized scarf and small wedge. I knew were going to watch the Dark Night Rises, so I wanted to be comfortable while sitting for 3 hours. So worth it though! Does anyone else get chocked up when Alfred cries? Man, it gets me every time.

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