My Ideal Summer Outfit

Hat: H&M, Sweater and Purse: Juicy Couture, Jeans and Tank Top: Target, Sandals: BCBG via TJMaxx

Ideal summer outfit? Yes, I know that is a big statement, but let me tell you why I plan on wearing this pretty much the rest of summer. Well first off, you may know by now that I LOVE anything nautical. (Confession: I wore stripe tank tops every day last week). So throwing on this sweater when it started to get a little chilly made me feel like I should be boarding a cruise ship. Then you have the mint jeans, which are not only an amazing color, but this pair from Target is super comfortable! Add a hat to cover my face from the sun and a straw tote to drape my arm and I am ready to go! By the way, the purse and sweater were on SALE. The four letter word that brings a smile to my face.

Also, to answer your question, my eyes are not closed in the last picture. That’s just how I look when I laugh really hard. Which means that’s how I look like 80% of the time.

Have a great Monday!

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