Fourth of July Nails

I had my nails painted this bluish color for about a week. I decided I wanted to pay tribute to the Fourth of July since it’s only a few days away! I pulled out materials that I found around the house to make a flag effect. Here are the steps.

1. Paint your nails a base coat of blue. You can use a more royal blue if you have it at home. Then put a small strip of painters tape at the edge of the nail. Make sure to use the straight edge.

2. Once you paint the edge, let it dry for a few minutes, and then slowly remove the tape.

3. This next part was a bit tricky. I used another strip of painters tape to create another stripe. This time I dipped a really small paintbrush into the white nail polish and carefully painted between the red stripe and the painters tape. IMPORTANT: Make sure the red stripe is dry. If it is still wet then it will leak into the white nail polish.

4. Let it dry and carefully remove the tape.

5. Repeat the steps to get as many stripes as you want.

6. I used the bottom of a paper clip to create dots. Just dip the round end into the nail polish and carefully place onto the nail. Don’t worry if it does not come out perfect. They are supposed to resemble stars, so a little texture will give a star effect.

If you have white manicure strips at home or want to make easier stripes than I suggest buying white manicure strips. Check out this tutorial for more info!

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