DIY: Re-purpose Candle Container

During the holidays I stock up on these amazing candles from Bath and Body Works. After a few month the dreadful time comes when they run out! Well instead of throwing them away I decided to put them to good use.

1. Wait till candle has run out.

2. Clean out the container using hot water and a paper towel. Lighting the candle for a bit before cleaning it will make this process easier. Try to get it as clean as possible.

3. I spray painted my container faced down using Valspar in a gloss finish. My dad bought this at Home Depot. Two coats will be enough.

4. As you can see I decided to take this one step further and added a strip of chalkboard so I know what is in each container. I made the chalkboard paint using these instructions from Martha Stewart. I squared of a section using tape (make sure the spray paint as completely dried and use painters tape). After each coat (I did about 3) make sure you let it dry in a cool room. Drying in a heated space will cause the paint to crack.

The cute little container neatly stores some office supplies sitting on my desk. Cute, functional, and most importantly recycled!

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