The Perfect Dress

Dress:Kohl’s, LC Collection, Shoes and Ring: Forever 21, Belt: From an Elle Dress at Kohl’s (The belt that comes with the dress was too big on me)

I had a very busy day on Saturday, and I needed a dress that would be comfortable and appropriate for all occasions. This dress from the Lauren Conrad Collection was perfect. It had long sleeves and a high neckline that was appropriate for church and an event with the President from school. Yet, the color and style made it youthful and feminine and just so pretty. Lauren Conrad just gets it!

 In the morning, I went to my little cousin Andrea’s First Holy Communion. I had the honor of being asked to be her Godmother. This occasion meant a lot to me because I am the first cousin chosen to be a Nina. Doesn’t she look adorable!

Here we are at the President’s house. We fell in love with the stunning views.

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