Nautical + Pink Pants

 Tank: Store in Soho, Pants: Forever 21 (Recent), Shoes: Bamboo, Sunnies: Forever 21, Jewelery: Gifted

I finally bought colored pants!  Although I’ve been wanting red jeans for a really long time, I couldn’t pass up these pastel pink pants at Forever 21. I think I was just in spring mode and the thought of buying bright red pants just didn’t seem appropriate for the season. I dressed down the pants for school, pairing them with a nautical themed tank I bought in Soho, New York a while back. I’m also wearing my favorite gold flats that have beads in the shape of a heart. I felt really feminine and also a bit daring in these pants. I wanted to try something new and I am really glad I made the purchase. I can’t wait to dress up the pants with a blazer and heals. Hopefully soon!

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